Build a strong pipeline of qualified leads, naturally - thanks to Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a customer-centric model that fuels the growth of businesses 

naturally, organically, by focusing on their interests 

Build your personas (your ideal buyer profiles )
Content production  (blogs, infographics, e-book, video, quiz...)
Content publishing across social networks

build a relationship based on trust

Loyalty programme
up and cross-selling
Brand advocacy

Provide the right user experience

Landing pages and forms, CTAs, automated workflows, behavioural tracking, lead nurturing and segmentation, lead scoring, CRM connectors, analysis and reporting.


of businesses that use the inbound approach, increase their volume of leads


of businesses that use the inbound approach generate more leads in 7 month or less


of leads generated through  inbound marketing are closer to buying stage vs traditional marketing


The cost per acquisition (CPA) of an inbound lead is on average 62% less than outbound marketing

Source : Hubspot

Why implement Inbound Marketing in your business ?

Increase natural traffic

High quality, useful and engaging content tailored to each business persona, will drive organic traffic from search engines.

Reduce your marketing costs

By measuring the profitability of various marketing channels you can adjust the mix to optimise profitability and make decisions based on data.

Generate leads and customers

Introduce well designed conversion paths on your website to help your prospects find what they need. You will make their life easier and thereby shorten purchase lifecycles

Build confidence and trust

By adopting a marketing strategy based on the needs and interests of your clients, you will be seen as an authority in your domain by prospects, and your clients will start to become brand advocates.

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Milanamos EN

Mi4 has provided an online visibility that surpassed our expectations for an innovative and complex solution such as ours. We work with major actors within the air travel sector, and the work that Mi4 has done on our content marketing has given us immense credibility. Christophe Imbert, Milanamos

Christophe Imbert , CEO

Conztanz EN

Mi4 was key in launching our website and building our online presence. Although our business is complex they have offered great ideas and created insightful and professional content for our blog. The proof is in the results that we have achieved. Hélène Dubos, Conztanz

Hélène Dubos


Mi4 brings experience and imagination to our marketing projects, and their campaigns generate high quality contacts. Patricia Bueters, NXP

Patricia Bueters , NXP Marketing Manager

Wildmoka EN

Working with Mi4 is like having a highly reliable and competent extension of our marketing team. They helped us transform our website into a powerful lead gen tool , a real help for our teams to achieve their sales objectives. Raflin Sarkisyan, Wildmoka

Raflin Sarkisyan , Marketing Manager

Attestis EN

"Ever since Mi4 took on board our inbound marketing campaign our organic traffic has grown by a factor of 40..." Guilhem Ensuque, Attestis

Guilhem Ensuque , Fondateur d'Attestis