Conztanz is a middleware cloud solution for the commercial aviation space

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Case Study : Conztanz

The data problem for airlines

Airlines have a lot of data about you as you would expect: bookings, billings, travel history, travel preferences, you name it, they have it. 

Just like any other B2C business, airlines must deepen their understanding of their travellers to create new products, access new markets and remain competitive. And to do all of this they need data.

Paradoxically airlines often can’t easily access their own data because it's fragmented and sits across myriads of systems, applications and platforms.

Conztanz, based in the French technology hub Sophia Antipolis, is a data platform solution that allows airlines to unlock the power of their own data so they can “better know, better serve and to better sell” to their customers.

Another fascinating use case of their platform is to help anti-terrorism and border control: EU legislation mandates airlines to provide EU authorities with passenger information in advance. Conztanz’s has developed an API-PNR gateway that ensures airlines and governments are compliant.

David vs Goliath

Mi4 started work with Conztanz in 2016. Being a startup offering a technology that directly competes against global companies in the aviation IT and infrastructure space, Conztanz needed to maximise its marketing resources and chose to work with Mi4 as an agency specialised in inbound marketing and B2B technology in order to build its global presence online using its website as the company’s main marketing channel

It was also imperative that the company rapidly build a credible digital footprint for potential customers and investors.  As an initial quick win, Mi4 invested in paid social activity, supported by our social automation and employee advocacy solution REZO  that automatically publishes selected industry content  curated by the marketing team, across social and employees LinkedIn accounts: This enables the marketing team to really punch above its weight online driving high quality engaged traffic to their website.

The sky is the limit for Conztanz

Conztanz is a French technology company with global ambitions that engages international aviation executives and technologists who are responsible for driving the digital transformation agenda of an airline. Mi4 developed a content strategy in International English with optimized for a global business audience.

Digital transformation is a huge topic right now in most industries, and commercial aviation is no exception. Mi4 spotted that there was no real authoritative resource online on the topic of the digital transformation for airlines, so we decided to create one!

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Transformation was born. This long-form piece of content was structured as an SEO “pillar page” on airline digital transformation, exploring this hot topic in depth. Conztanz also provided the content as a PDF via a form linked to a marketing automation system which enabled us to drive leads from the content.

Conztanz’s blog was already well populated with high-quality posts about airline strategy, passenger experience and technical topics. Interlinking these posts around the pillar page made a huge difference, boosting SEO and establishing Conztanz as an authority online.

Key results

The content became the #1 resource on Google and we were rewarded with the sought after Google snippet. The post boasts a CTR of 30% and has been viewed thousands of times becoming the most downloaded asset on the Conztanz site:

Best of all it has brought in dozens of new contacts from airlines and technology partners around the world.

Now in our third year working together we’re looking forward to helping Conztanz gain even greater traction online through the content marketing, SEO and the latest and most effective and modern Lead generation B2B techniques today.

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