How Conztanz Tripled Its Growth With Mi4

A French startup with global ambitions carves its niche among the giants in the realm of technology dedicated to the aerospace industry.

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0 to 27 000

visitors on the site

+280 %
generated Leads
43 %
SEO traffic strategies
Conztanz team

French Startup with Global Aspirations

Conztanz is a French technology company with global ambitions, employing international aviation executives and technicians tasked with leading the digital transformation programs for airlines.

The enterprise offers a cloud solution designed to help airlines unlock and leverage the power of their own data, enabling them to "better know, better serve, and better sell" to their customers.

Challenges and Goals

The Underdog Battle

In 2016, Mi4 embarked on a partnership with Conztanz, a pioneering startup that challenges multinational giants in the aviation and space infrastructure sectors with its groundbreaking technology. Recognizing the need to leverage its marketing resources effectively, Conztanz selected Mi4 for its expertise in inbound marketing and B2B technology solutions. The objective was clear: to amplify Conztanz's global online presence, positioning its website as the primary lead generation tool for the business.

The venture faced several significant hurdles:

  • The website's limited authority
  • The need for highly technical, English-language content that resonates
  • A fiercely competitive landscape

The solution deployed

Hub Marketing

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Our agency, Mi4, has crafted a content strategy in English for Conztanz, targeted at a global audience.

  • Defining buyer personas
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content group identification
  • Crafting articles of 1500 words or more by subject matter experts
  • Implementing an internal linking strategy across blog articles
  • Developing an SEO "cluster" page on "digital transformation in airlines"
  • Creating a downloadable PDF lead magnet
  • Setting up a marketing automation workflow

Astonishing Results

The content crafted for Conztanz ascended to the pinnacle of Google's search results, earning us the coveted Google snippet accolade. Boasting a click-through rate (CTR) of 30%, this article garnered thousands of views, securing its position as the most downloaded piece on Conztanz's website.

The crowning achievement of this endeavor was its magnetic pull, drawing in hundreds of new contacts from airlines and technology partners across the globe.

0 to 27 000
visitors to the blog in 18 months

43 %
SEO Traffic

90 %
of non-branded organic traffic

+280 %
generated Leads

40 %
of leads are global aviation players