How "Upsells" increased "Leads" > "MQL" conversion rate by 14%

As a market leader in commercial outsourcing, Upsell has consistently achieved an impressive annual growth rate of over 20% since its inception. Esteemed within its industry, the company has been honored with 7 Commercial Action Trophies, specifically in the category of "Best Outsourced Sales Force".



 organic traffic

keywords in the top 3 rankings and 40 in the top 10 positions.
increased Leads to MQL conversion rate

Long-Term Outsourced Sales Teams 

Founded in 2010, Upsell specializes in the marketing of brands across the full spectrum of distribution channels. What sets us apart is our commitment to establishing and managing long-term dedicated sales teams for each of our clients, ensuring a level of engagement and sustained performance that sets the standard in the industry.

Thanks to our vast experience and the effectiveness of our tools, we empower our client brands to achieve growth that not only meets but exceeds their market's average.


Upsell, a "digital sales augmentation force"!

2020 marked the year of digital reinvention for Upsell. With a fresh identity, a new website, innovative content, the implementation of a CRM, an Ambassador program, and lead generation campaigns, Mi4 laid the foundational stones to elevate Upsell's reputation and visibility into 2021.

The challenges:

  • Streamlining the sales process and increasing touchpoints with target brands
  • Boosting the conversion rate of leads to MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads)
  • Continuing to enhance organic search visibility
  • Raising brand awareness among major accounts
CMS Hubspot
Marketing Hub
SEO et contenus
Sales Hub & CRM

A Winning Hybrid Approach: Inbound, PPC, and ABM Combined 

Our agency, Mi4, embarked on a transformative journey with the website, transitioning all 200+ pages to the HubSpot CMS, implementing and configuring the CRM, and rolling out an inbound strategy focused on SEO-driven content creation.

  • Designing Themes and Templates (for pages and blogs)
  • Content Migration and Data Import
  • Launching the English Version
  • Redirection and Technical Audit
  • Marketing Hub Setup
  • Crafting Articles
  • SEO Monitoring and Enhancements
  • Training Sessions

A Challenge Overcome !

Since the website's migration in April 2019, Mi4 has successfully managed to keep strategic keywords within the TOP 3 rankings while also securing new positions within the TOP 10.

The collaborative effort was quickly rewarded post-migration, marked by an uptick in traffic and the generation of high-quality leads.

The client is immensely pleased with now having a website that's not only optimized for search engines but also scalable and easy to maintain. They continue their partnership with Mi4, focusing on the rollout of their digital strategy and the implementation of optimized customer journeys.