Stop chasing after clients...

They will be the ones coming to you, thanks to Inbound Marketing! Explore all the essentials of this methodology in our course.

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What You Will Achieve:

  • Significantly boost your website traffic.
  • Turn your visitors into qualified leads.
  • Convert those leads into customers.
  • Retain your customers and transform them into brand ambassadors.

Who is this training for?

For everyone eager to attract new clients remotely:

Marketing Professionals

Boost your site's traffic through compelling content and increase conversion rates with high-performing landing pages.

  • Startup Executives / Small & Medium Business Owners
  • Elevate your prospect numbers, thereby enhancing sales and revenue.
  • Freelancers

Enhance your visibility, credibility, and reputation!


Independent Contractors & Freelancers

Showcase your services and discover new clientele.



Enhance your visibility and reputation, solidify your expertise stance.


Marketing Teams

Boost your website's traffic and enhance your conversion rate to drive more leads.


What You Will Discover:

  • Discover the fundamental rules of success in Inbound Marketing.
  • Learn how to create remarkable content.
  • Understand the essentials of optimizing your site for search engines.
  • Grasp the basics of blogging.
  • Explore the various channels for promoting your content.
  • Learn how to craft an effective call-to-action.
  • Identify the components of a high-converting landing page.
  • Master the concept of the conversion funnel.
  • Learn how to conduct a basic keyword research.

How You'll Master Inbound Marketing:


Session 1 - The Essentials of Inbound Marketing (3h)

What exactly is the Inbound Marketing methodology, and how can its success be guaranteed? Uncover this in our opening segment on:

The Essentials of Inbound Marketing

  • Understanding the Inbound Methodology
  • What are the key principles for success in Inbound Marketing?
  • How to craft "remarkable" content
  • Practical case studies on implementing an Inbound strategy

🔨  Hands-on Workshop


Session 2 - Drawing Visitors to Your Website (3h)

Having a website is good, but attracting a steady stream of visitors who are potentially interested in your products or services is even better! Learn how to achieve this in our second installment:

Drawing Visitors to Your Website

  • Optimize Your Site for Search Engines
  • Finally Make Content Creation Meaningful
  • The Fundamentals of Blogging
  • Boost Your Visibility Through Social Media
  • Increase Your Visibility with Paid Search Advertising

🔨 Practical Workshop



Session 3 - Turning Visitors into Leads (3h)

This is where we see the most significant room for improvement among our clients. A few tweaks can make a world of difference, so supercharge your lead generation with our third session:

Turning Visitors into Leads

  • Trigger clicks with effective Calls-to-Action
  • Unlocking the secrets of a successful Landing Page
  • Guide to the next step with a Thank You Page

🔨 Practical Workshop


Session 4 - Turning Prospects into Customers (3h)

All the hard work put in before is meaningless without this pivotal final step! So, don't stop when you're this close to the finish line—end on a high note with our last segment:

Converting Prospects into Customers

  • Send the right email to the right person
  • Embrace Smarketing!
  • Make life easier for your sales team
  • How to revolutionize the way you sell your products and services?
  • Best practices for closing an Inbound sale

🛠 Practical Workshop


Is This Course Suitable for You?

Is this training eligible for external funding/grants? (FNE, OPCO, etc...)

Yes! Thanks to our Qualiopi certification, our courses qualify for a variety of financing options. Schedule a call to discover more!

How does this training unfold ?

  • 12 hours of blended learning training
  • Theoretical learning through 47 short digital learning videos
  • Practical workshops in a virtual classroom (via Zoom / Google Meet)
  • 15 downloadable templates
  • 12 quizzes
  • Online quizzes at the end of each module
  • Provision of supporting documents following the training

What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Must possess a computer and internet access.
  • Beginners and novices welcomed.

What does it cost to become skilled in Inbound Marketing?


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