Boost your pipeline with Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is the perfect formula for exponentially increasing your company's visibility and appeal.

Implement a natural, scalable, and cost-effective lead generation strategy that thrives without the constant need for advertising and cold calling.


A Client-Centric Approach...

...designed to forge lasting connections through solving their challenges.

Inbound Marketing is all about delivering valuable content and fostering personalized interactions with your prospects and clients at every stage of their journey. This strategy establishes you as a trusted expert who can address their professional or personal issues.



Spot the early signs of purchasing intent and cultivate qualified leads through engaging and relevant content.



Guiding the purchasing process's evolution through automated marketing content delivery, transforming a cold lead into a warm one.



Supporting sales teams in converting warm leads into customers through the automation of sales processes.


Customer Loyalty

Enhance long-term customer engagement and retention while boosting client satisfaction.


Become an indispensable authoritative voice

Through the strategic use of content marketing, Inbound Marketing excels at demand generation by fostering a steady stream of incoming leads who seek information on the very challenges you tackle every day.

The more you engage by producing valuable and relevant content, the more you are recognized as a market expert. This, in turn, draws more qualified leads into your sales funnel.


Discover a Growth Methodology That Really Works

You've likely realized by now that Inbound Marketing isn't a quick dash to the finish line; it's a marathon! To generate leads, a significant investment of oneself is required (content creation, implementation time...). However, many of our clients are seeking short-term performance gains.

This is why, at Mi4, we've crafted a hybrid methodology that blends long-term vision (SEO / content marketing) with short-term impact (through content sponsorship / SEA).

Our skill lies in finding the perfect balance to avoid the "cannibalization" of simultaneously pursuing two strategies.


Empower Your Teams

As we embark on our journey together, we dedicate ourselves to guiding our clients through the intricacies of Inbound Marketing and mastering HubSpot.

Our comprehensive training programs and project methodology are designed to facilitate meaningful interactions between our experts and your teams (workshops, weekly check-ins, etc.).

This support is tailored to foster a gradual increase in proficiency across all aspects of Inbound: foundational principles, overarching strategy, collaborative template creation, marketing best practices, and technical management (automation, etc.).

Our Offer

A Distinct Approach, Validated Across Over 100 Projects.

Inbound Marketing isn't a dash to the finish line, but a marathon!

Yet, we fully grasp the urgency of your short-term goals.

That's why, at Mi4, we've crafted a hybrid methodology that blends Inbound & Outbound strategies.

Here's a look at what we do in partnership with you:



Defining the Strategy:


Rapid Achievements

Target Audiences and Personas

Competitive Analysis

Keyword Research

Content Strategy



Mesure ROI


Blog Development

User Tracking Implementation

Custom Landing Page Design

HubSpot Setup and Configuration

Advanced Dashboards & Analytics Integration



Attract > Convert > Sell


Content Creation

SEO Monitoring

HubSpot Support

SEA & LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns

Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing

Training & Coaching

Strategy Reporting & Monitoring



Training & Coaching

Inbound Marketing


Turn your website into the ultimate business generator

Inbound Marketing stands as the premier strategy for creating a consistent stream of qualified prospects eager about your offerings. Explore in our white paper how to morph your website into a powerhouse for generating qualified leads!


Our clients say itFleche

“The Mi4 Team was able to create and implement our digital prospecting and inbound marketing strategy. A team that listens, which was able to offer professional content for blogs despite the complexity of our activity, and which was also able to transfer their expertise through various training courses.”

“We are very satisfied with the support of Mi4 on HubSpot, this agency responds to all our problems with reliable and lasting solutions. It's a partner we trust.”

“We had a big project to optimize our company's processes using HubSpot, including developing automation on the support ticket side and training the sales to the new functionalities they could find in HubSpot (we migrated from Dynamics 365). It is a real pleasure to work with the team and they always find creative ways to answer our needs. Highly recommended!”

"We approached Mi4 to implement HubSpot internally for our Sales team. From start to finish, Mi4's support was outstanding. They provided a high-performing, skilled, professional, and notably efficient team that met all our expectations in a clear and succinct manner."


Your Inquiries Regarding Inbound Marketing


Who is Inbound Marketing For?

Inbound Marketing serves as an effective strategy regardless of your business size or industry.

However, the businesses that tend to see the most significant benefits from it often share two common traits: they operate within B2B sectors with long and complex sales cycles, and they typically have high average order values.

How long before I can start seeing initial results?

Inbound Marketing, like any organic strategy, is a commitment to the long haul.

Typically, with consistent content production and without the boost of paid campaigns, initial results can start to surface between 4 to 6 months. As for reaching the break-even point, this milestone is usually achieved within 12 to 14 months.

By enhancing organic acquisition with paid traffic and retargeting ads, initial outcomes can be observed almost instantly, with the break-even point potentially being hit within just 8 to 10 months.

How much does an Inbound strategy cost?

 Typically, an Inbound strategy involves two main categories of expenses:

- Initial costs, which include expenses for auditing current processes, Inbound strategy consulting, and setting up various tools. These costs largely depend on what you already have in place, such as market research and existing advertising accounts, making them highly variable!

- Ongoing monthly costs are designed to cover content creation, updates to automation tools (like list and workflow creation), as well as expenses for launching paid campaigns and purchasing ad space. To achieve rapid growth, expect to invest between €5,000 and €8,000 monthly.

Over time, as your organic results gradually improve, you'll be able to reduce the budget allocated to paid campaigns.

Furthermore, your monthly expenses will decrease as your team becomes more proficient at producing content in-house and managing the technical aspects of your inbound platform.

Does it actually work?

Reach out to our clients, and they will unanimously tell you: inbound marketing is effective!

So, why do we encounter negative reviews online? It boils down to three primary challenges:

- The cost of average orders and/or sales volumes. The more expensive your product or service is, the quicker inbound marketing becomes profitable. Similarly, the greater your sales volumes, the faster inbound marketing integrates into your sales strategies. If your product or service is low-cost with minimal annual sales volumes, inbound marketing is still a viable strategy to establish yourself as a market expert. However, demonstrating its profitability will take significantly longer.

- Overestimating the operational or technical capabilities of internal teams: The temptation to handle everything in-house is real, but do you truly understand the time investment required for creating a successful campaign and the task interdependencies involved? We frequently encounter HubSpot accounts with poorly configured automations running aimlessly or unfinished campaigns...

- Lack of training in inbound marketing concepts. Often, in an effort to cut costs, companies opt to produce content themselves. Our observation: the content created does not always resonate with the actual issues facing clients and sometimes devolves into mere self-promotional material, thus missing the mark entirely.

Our goal isn’t to make you reliant on Mi4 but to equip you with all the tools needed to leverage inbound marketing internally.

Mi4 is here to guide you through these challenges, ensuring a sustainable and effective skills transfer.

Does this approach work for niche markets?

Most of our clientele boast highly specialized industry knowledge, target discerning customers, and navigate complex sales within extended cycles.

By embracing a data-driven strategy and engaging in dialogue with you, we can tailor our approach to fit your unique landscape. In fact, it's in these specific scenarios that our techniques shine the brightest!

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