How did ACE triple its digital client base?

As a specialist in packaging and point-of-sale advertising, ACE aimed to not only optimize their underutilized Hubspot setup but also to craft a scalable and profitable lead generation strategy.

ACE mockup cas client 2
ACE mockup cas client

The Company

ACE, a leading manufacturer specializing in the design and production of custom corrugated cardboard, aimed to enhance lead generation for its subsidiaries ACE Packaging and ACE Display. ACE sought to not only refine its underutilized Hubspot setup for both marketing and sales efficiency but also to forge a lead generation strategy that was both scalable and profitable.

Challenges and Goals

To bolster the commercial growth of its operations, ACE aimed to streamline its digital prospecting process. The company enlisted Mi4 to devise a strategy tailored to the seasonal trends and unique aspects of its industry sectors.

The mission's objectives:

  • Ensure a steady inflow of inbound prospects and generate new business opportunities.
  • Enhance the underutilized Hubspot setup for optimal performance.
  • Craft a scalable and profitable lead generation strategy.

Tools Deployed

Hub Marketing
Hub Sales
Inbound Marketing
Lead Generation

Lead-Generating Inbound Marketing Strategy

The initial step involved elevating ACE's web presence. We embarked on a comprehensive SEO optimization for the website, focusing particularly on product descriptions to attract high-intent prospects.

Simultaneously, our deployment of impactful SEA campaigns and consistent publication of SEO-targeted articles propelled us up the search engine rankings, positioning us competitively against our rivals.

A thorough audit and restructuring of the HubSpot platform refined and enhanced the management of incoming and existing data.

Key actions taken included:

  • Structuring the CRM and data properties
  • Establishing a blog and article templates
  • Monthly SEO article production
  • Development of lead magnets
  • Launching Google Ads campaigns
  • Guiding sales teams in mastering HubSpot Sales
  • Crafting ABM campaigns tailored for POP display segments

Throughout this endeavor, Mi4 provided extensive support to the sales teams in navigating the HubSpot tool effectively. We initiated ABM (Account-Based Marketing) sequences aimed at engaging high-value prospects through personalized campaigns, with the goal of converting them into clients.

Results: A Positive ROI for ACE

  • Tripling Digital Business Growth in 2023 Compared to 2022
  • A staggering 300% increase in website visitors within just 4 months
  • Achieving 16 top 3 and 34 top 10 keyword rankings on Google
  • 69% of business opportunities stemmed from digital channels in 2023

“We use Mi4 services to make the best use of the essential functionalities of HubSpot: commercial performance, lead acquisition, external communication. Irina, who has been leading our project at Mi4 since the start (June 2022), has provided us with valuable help through her involvement, her professionalism and her passion for success. Thanks to Irina also for her patience and availability.”