How did the FMG group establish a leading media presence in its market?

The FMG Group stands at the forefront of commercial outsourcing in France, setting the standard with its comprehensive, cutting-edge, and efficient commercial solutions designed for top-tier companies. This is made possible through the synergistic expertise of its six subsidiaries, each contributing to the group's overarching success.


Some Outcomes After 6 Months



keywords indexed
5 in top 3  
+ 10%
conversion rate of leads into MQLs

FMG: A Forefront Pioneer in Business Outsourcing

With over 1000 employees spread across its 6 subsidiaries (DMF, Districom, GrassRoots, Bpeek, Locaser, EasyMalls), FMG stands as one of the leading business outsourcing operators in France.

For more than two decades, FMG Group has been crafting and implementing sales and marketing strategies that boost the performance of its clients. What sets it apart is its deep understanding of sales networks and its extensive experience across various industry sectors and marketing methods.


Unifying Marketing Efforts

FMG Group unites six specialized subsidiaries under its banner, each with its own unique approach to commercial outsourcing. The core challenge was to unify their marketing strategies towards a singular aim: forging stronger connections with the group's target audiences.

The challenges:

  • Establish a commanding media presence within the FMG market.
  • Boost organic traffic to media-affiliated websites (DMF and Districom).
  • Generate high-quality B2B leads.
  • Refine the CRM database for improved quality.
  • Guide sales and marketing teams in mastering HubSpot.
Sales Hub & CRM
Content Hubspot
Marketing Hub
SEO et contenus
Inbound Marketing
Lead Generation

Placing Inbound Marketing at the Heart of Our Strategy

Mi4 masterfully crafted and developed the media platform, placing inbound marketing strategies at its core.

  • Guidance and implementation of an inbound content strategy (SEO)
  • Crafting blog articles and SEO linking strategies
  • Automated email marketing strategy deployment
  • Creation of the study "The Impact of Technology on Sales Forces"
  • Development of lead magnets and conversion funnels
  • Design and management of lead acquisition campaigns (SEA)

In this project, Mi4 also took on the task of migrating the websites of its subsidiaries DMF and Districom to the HubSpot Content Hub.

Furthermore, the agency provided comprehensive training for the FMG teams on HubSpot, covering the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Content Hub.

A Challenge Conquered!

Since its launch in late 2023, Mi4 has impressively managed to secure positions for over 30 strategic keywords in the TOP 10 search results. Swiftly, an additional 5 keywords have climbed into the TOP 3 rankings, with these numbers steadily increasing.

From the initial months, the blog's traffic witnessed a substantial rise, driven by the consistent publication of articles meticulously crafted for SEO purposes, alongside "expert" pieces jointly developed with commercial outsourcing specialists. This content creation strategy has effectively generated a stream of high-quality leads for our client.

Aujourd'hui, le client dispose d'un média à part entière, Générateur de lead qualifiés dans son secteur d'activité. Facile à faire évoluer et à maintenir actif, le blog est un véritable atout pour alimenter toutes les marques du groupe FMG. 

La collaboration avec Mi4 se poursuit pour le déploiement de sa stratégie digitale, notamment la mise en place de lead scoring et de parcours clients optimisés.