How does steer its event performance with HubSpot and Livestorm?


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As the leading European provider of Talent as a Service (TAAS) solutions, we specialize in connecting large corporations with their external talent needs. Our group offers a comprehensive suite of services including expertise sourcing, project management, commercial and salary portage, along with compliance management.

By 2024, the company has been honored as the "Growth Champion" by Les Échos. by the numbers:

  •  A vibrant community of over 150,000 skilled consultants and experts, either freelancing or part of specialized SMEs.
  • -Delivering more than 15,000 services in 2023.
  • Empowered by a dedicated team of 350 employees.
  • Generating a remarkable revenue of €857.7 million in 2023.
  • Boasting a global footprint across France, Germany, the UK, Morocco, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Enhanced management of event-related leads through HubSpot and Livestorm sought to enhance the management of webinar registrations through LiveStorm while also improving the tracking of sales opportunities.

By consolidating these processes in HubSpot, Freelance now enjoys improved visibility and streamlines collaboration between the marketing and sales teams.

The challenges associated with deploying HubSpot and integrating with LiveStorm included:

Registration Automation: The event registration process was cumbersome, necessitating a simplification to boost user experience and conversion rates.

Synchronization and Participation Management: It was essential to synchronize data between LiveStorm and HubSpot for efficient contact management, event participation tracking, and registration code allocation.

Event Management Optimization: Immediate and accurate visibility of registration and participation numbers directly from an event's record in HubSpot was crucial for making informed marketing and logistical decisions.

Opportunity Tracking and ROI Analysis: required a more effective method for tracking sales opportunities and analyzing the return on investment from events, while also enhancing internal collaboration.

Mi4 Solutions to Sync and Automate Livestorm with HubSpot
Hub Marketing
Hub Sales
Hub Content
Intégration Livestorm
  • Creating customized CMS modules linked to registration forms
  • Establishing custom objects for event and participation management
  • Developing custom properties for registration forms
  • Automating email follow-ups for all registration scenarios
  • Building a participation tracking pipeline
  • Implementing an event participation history
  • Performance reporting and analysis

Results: An Enhanced User Experience and More Productive Teams

  1. Enhancing User Experience:
    Event registration processes have been streamlined, leading to a noticeable increase in conversion rates.
  2. Operational Efficiency and Real-Time Visibility:
    Through synchronization and automation, we've achieved effective management of attendee participation and improved lead allocation.
  3. Tailored Communication:
    Access to attendees' history and characteristics has enabled the refinement and personalization of marketing and communication efforts for these events.
  4. Event Project Management Optimization:
    Centralizing information has made essential data easily accessible, while effective team collaboration has enhanced opportunity tracking.
  5. ROI Analysis:
    Real-time dashboards and the integration of marketing data have provided valuable insights for assessing event performance.