How did the Roberta kitchen designers group boost their online appointment bookings?

Find out how the Roberta group implemented an effective lead nurturing strategy. By crafting a tailored approach at every purchasing stage, converting leads into customers and customers into brand ambassadors has never been simpler.

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The Strength of Family Craftsmanship

The Roberta Group boasts ownership of 8 Schmidt and Cuisinella brand stores throughout the Alpes-Maritimes. With over 50 years of expertise in the kitchen design industry, this group successfully completes upwards of 3,500 kitchens annually.

At its core, The Roberta Group embodies a family story, driven by a passion for their craft, the art of passing down knowledge, and a legacy that spans three generations of kitchen designers.


Enhancing Appointment Scheduling

After investing in a nearly dormant HubSpot Marketing Pro instance, the Roberta group sought the expertise of Mi4 to implement a BtoC lead nurturing strategy aimed at boosting sales and driving in-store traffic through increased appointment bookings.

To successfully accomplish this task, it was essential to differentiate the messaging and actions for the two brands, Cuisinella and Schmidt. Despite the group's proficiency in crafting multi-brand kitchens, each brand has its distinct codes and identity. This distinction forms the foundation of brand preference: communicating with a Schmidt customer is inherently different from engaging with a Cuisinella customer. Each will have expectations and experiences reflective of the brand they interact with.

The mission's objectives:

  • Audit and reconfigure the existing CMS
  • Develop a strategy for nurturing incoming leads
  • Engage former clients and facilitate cross-selling
  • Increase in-store traffic and appointment bookings
  • Create a digital referral program
Marketing Hub
Inbound Marketing
Rev Ops

Rev Ops Methodology Combined with an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Before embarking on the project, Mi4 conducted a thorough audit of Groupe Roberta's HubSpot instance, employing the RevOps methodology. This led to a data and property restructuring that laid the groundwork for an organized and coherent lead nurturing strategy.

  • Organization of CRM and data properties
  • Implementation of nurturing workflows at each customer journey stage
  • Introduction of a digital referral program to generate new leads
  • Development of email marketing campaigns
  • Creation of landing pages and forms
  • Optimization of acquisition campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
  • HubSpot training for the marketing team

During this mission, Mi4 crafted several lead nurturing workflows tailored to different stages of the customer journey: pre-sale, post-sale, and cross-selling, loyalty, and referral.

Over 50 email marketing campaigns and 10 landing pages were produced to establish multi-month lead nurturing workflows, catering to various persona scenarios.

Furthermore, the agency provided comprehensive HubSpot training to Groupe Roberta's marketing teams.

A Fulfilling and Comprehensive Partnership

“Irina and Sarah accompanied us on the HubSpot Marketing Hub. Thanks to their advanced technical knowledge, we now have an operational tool, adapted to our needs and in line with our objectives. It was a very nice collaboration, punctuated by a sense of sharing, knowledge and responsiveness. I recommend 100%.”