Craft Your Inbound Marketing Strategy with HubSpot

Learn how to harness the power of HubSpot together with the agility of Artificial Intelligence. Boost your site's traffic with Inbound Marketing strategies, and transform your visitors into qualified leads through marketing automation.

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What You Will Achieve:

  • Develop effective conversion strategies to elevate your online presence
  • Significantly boost your website's traffic to attract more visitors
  • Transform those visitors into qualified leads ready for engagement
  • Convert your leads into loyal customers who believe in your brand
  • Turn your customers into brand ambassadors, extending your influence
  • Strategically engage your contact base for targeted outreach
  • Measure and analyze performance to finely tune your campaigns
  • Save time by automating processes, enhancing efficiency and focus

Who is this training for?

It's designed for marketing professionals looking to:

  • Craft a robust Inbound Marketing strategy
  • Maximize the full potential of HubSpot's "Marketing Hub"
  • Gain insights into AI applications in marketing



Marketing Directors

Marketing Director, Director of Communications


Marketing Teams

Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Inbound Marketing Coordinator...

Cursus Objectives

What You'll Discover:

  • Discover the core principles of success in Inbound Marketing.
  • Craft an effective conversion strategy.
  • Learn how to create standout content with the help of AI.
  • Master the essentials of SEO optimization for search engines.
  • Get to know and effectively utilize HubSpot's conversion tools.
  • Learn to create, formalize, and leverage your Buyer Personas.
  • Understand the various channels for promoting your content (social media, web, SEA, databases).
  • Identify the components of a high-converting landing page and CTA.
  • Learn to manage paid advertising campaigns efficiently.
  • Develop skills to build insightful reporting dashboards.

Enhance your digital marketing skills:


Session 1 - The Essentials of Inbound Marketing (4h)

What exactly does the Inbound Marketing methodology entail, and how can you ensure its efficacy? Uncover this in our initial segment, focusing on:

Inbound Marketing Fundamentals

  • The methodology and foundation of Inbound Marketing
  • Key principles for achieving success with Inbound Marketing
  • Crafting exceptional content using AI
  • Implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy

Session 2 - Driving Traffic to Your Website (2 hours)

Having a website is a good start, but what truly makes a difference is attracting a steady stream of visitors who may be interested in your products or services. Learn how to achieve this in our second session:

Driving Traffic to Your Website

  • Enhance your site for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Give your content creation purpose and direction
  • Blogging essentials
  • Content creation using AI technology
  • Boost your online presence through social media - understanding the algorithms
  • Increase your visibility with paid search advertising

🔨 Practical Workshop



Session 3 - Transforming Visitors into Prospects (2h)

A few tweaks can make a world of difference, so supercharge your lead generation with our Session 3:

Transforming Visitors into Prospects

  • Best Practices and Effective Use of HubSpot Conversion Tools
  • Trigger Clicks with Compelling Calls-to-Action
  • The Secrets Behind a Successful Landing Page
  • Measuring Success and Effectiveness

Session 4 - Turning Prospects into Customers (2 hours)

All the hard work up until now is futile without mastering this final, pivotal step! So, don't falter when you're this close to victory - finish strong with our concluding section:

Converting Prospects into Customers

  • Send the right email to the right person with the power of automated workflows
  • Embrace Smarketing!
  • Top strategies in lead nurturing

Post-Training Support (2 hours)

Following your training, it's natural to have questions as you start to apply what you've learned to your initial campaigns. We're here to listen and assist in overcoming any hurdles you encounter, offer advice, or simply guide you through your first steps with HubSpot.

Q&A Sessions

  • Advice and Experience Sharing
  • HubSpot Guidance

Is This Program Suitable for You?

Is this training eligible for external funding/grants? (FNE, OPCO, etc...)

Yes! Thanks to our Qualiopi certification, our courses qualify for a variety of financing options. Schedule a call to discover more!

How does this training unfold ?

Embark on a 12-hour blended learning journey, tailored to provide a comprehensive educational experience:

  • Delve into 6 hours of dynamic instruction, available both in-person and online, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
  • Enhance your theoretical knowledge with 4 hours of engaging digital learning videos.
  • Benefit from 2 hours of dedicated support, offering personalized answers and insights post-training.

Our program includes:

  • 2 hands-on workshops designed to apply your newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.
  • Access to 5 downloadable templates to streamline your learning process.
  • Challenge yourself with 5 online quizzes at the end of each module, reinforcing your understanding.
  • Comprehensive support documents provided after the training, serving as valuable resources for ongoing learning.

What are the prerequisites for this training?

  • Be a marketing professional
  • Possess a computer and an internet connection
  • Subscribe to HubSpot Marketing Pro or Enterprise

What investment is needed for Inbound Marketing training?


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