Don't Let Your Google Analytics Data Slip Away

Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics), the statistical software that powers the majority of websites - likely including yours, has been phased out by Google in favor of Google Analytics 4.

Issue at hand: this phase-out puts you at risk of losing all your data.


The demise of one of the internet's most crucial tools


Google Analytics 3, more commonly known as Universal Analytics, stands as the quintessential tool for statistical tracking.

To put it simply, Google Analytics is utilized by 56% of websites.

If your site was crafted by a professional or developed by an agency, chances are high that it's included in this percentage.

So, what's its purpose?

Google Analytics effortlessly gathers ongoing statistical data from your website.

This data is invaluable for your teams and marketing providers, enabling them to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies
  • Boost the profitability of further marketing endeavors (such as advertising, etc.)

In essence: Google Analytics plays a pivotal role in any marketing and business strategy.

The challenge your business faces

The challenge we're facing is the imminent shutdown of Universal Analytics, making way for its successor: Google Analytics 4 (GA4). With this transition, the wealth of data you've accumulated will be irretrievably lost.

In fact, as of July 1st, 2023, your site has ceased to gather new data, and soon, the historical data you rely on will vanish.

But there's more to consider. Opting to switch to GA4 down the line won't recover the lost data. What isn't being collected now is gone for good.

Even if you're not leveraging this data at the moment, it's invaluable for future marketing endeavors. It holds key insights into your online presence, visitor and prospect behavior, and your website's overall performance.

However, all is not lost just yet.


No worries, there's a way out.

With Universal Analytics on its way out, its successor, GA4, stands ready to take the reins.

You can transition your historical data to this new platform and update your site's configuration to GA4.

However, this data migration and Google Analytics update won't happen by magic.

Furthermore, it might pose quite the challenge for those not well-versed in these tools.

But that's something we can handle for you.


What does the process actually look like?

Update Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

Start gathering data again to maintain the seamless tracking you rely on.


We're updating your setup to swiftly resume data collection, ensuring your data continuity is never interrupted.

Migrate your historical data

Don't risk losing data that will inevitably become essential to you sooner or later.

We seamlessly migrate your data from Universal Analytics to your new Google Analytics 4 environment.

Enhancing tracking and generating custom reports tailored to your needs

Make smarter decisions with the help of clear data and tailored reports.

Gathering data is only beneficial if you can put it to good use. We specialize in creating clear, actionable reports.


By following these three critical steps, you'll unlock the ability to conduct effective statistical tracking, safeguard your valuable data, and make more informed marketing decisions.

Mi4 is by your side, guiding you through this transition and empowering you to take action before it's too late.

Why Choose Us?

"Tracking" refers to the mastery of data collection tools and techniques, a crucial skill in the digital marketing domain.

This process allows marketing teams to navigate their efforts with precision, armed with relevant and accurate data. Moreover, it enhances the effectiveness of advertising platform algorithms, ensuring campaigns not only launch but also land successfully.

Truth be told, it's an essential component for any online advertising campaign.

Without tracking, your conversion rates could plummet by up to tenfold, leading to a proportional decline in sales.

At Mi4, we pride ourselves on being a digital marketing agency with proven expertise across over 150 companies.

Tracking forms the cornerstone of the strategies we deploy for our clients.

Beyond Google Analytics, our proficiency spans the most effective monitoring tools available, including Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, Facebook Pixel, and Conversion API, among others.